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There are many diverse attractions, from a lazy river cruise to a vigorous mountain hike, elegant wining & dining to outdoor picnics and exploring rich historical sites. The local farm stalls overflow with fresh produce, dried fruit and freshly made breads, homemade jams and preserves.

Take a boat trip down the Breede River or have a bite at Fraai Uitzight 1798. Get hopelessly lost and develop inertia from meandering around the largest hedge maze in the world, explore a cactus garden  at  Soekershof, or be mimicked by the parrots at Birds of Paradise. Enjoy picnics and sundowners along the majestic Breede River which pulses throughout the Valley and is its sustenance.

Whether you are a nature lover, wine enthusiast, sports fundi or looking to unwind, Robertson is an ideal destination for golf, horse-riding, game drives, river cruises, art, 4x4 trails, paragliding ... to name but a few popular recreations the Valley caters for.

We also offer picnic baskets on request should you wish to do a day outing to explore the beautiful wine valley. The chefs will pack your picnic basket to your personal preference on what is available in season.

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