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Stable Suites
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Poolside Suites

The Poolside suites demonstrate a further step along the trajectory of old to new, progressing from the casual-contemporary of the Stables to a more definitive and clean-contemporary crispness. White doors contrast with chrome and textures ‘speak’ to each other in a tactile, multi-layered, ultimately serious interior. These four luxurious suites spill out onto an expanse of a shimmering, extra-elongated, pool with a spacious deck. Again, the neutral and natural wood and mottled water juxtaposes smooth metallic-elements.


The Robertson Small Hotel has ten bedrooms divided into three room types The Manor House; Stables and Poolside suites.

Despite stylistic variations, the three accommodation types share common threads reflected by the continuity of aspects of design. Each facet is not stand alone but all flow into one another effortlessly. Each type of accommodation reflects the appreciation of space and a variation of expression in art. Textures, details and layers are all meticulously placed and appraised to create the ultimate experience.


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