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The Small Guide: Kranskop Wines

Be free as a bird at Kranskop. Travel high up into the Langeberg to find this pristine wine farm. The prolific birdlife is living proof of its natural vineyard practices: birds-of-prey regularly carve through the sky and there are nests of every size and shape suspended in the trees.

Winemaker and owner, Newald Marais is something of an industry legend. He has over 30 years of experience, and is now pouring his heart into his very own boutique wine farm. Offering a variety of single-cultivar wines, enjoy a tasting on the deck. It’s just the place to admire the winery’s namesake: a single hill, Kranskop rises above the Klaasvoogds meander.

The Small Experience

Go on a vineyard safari—South African style—on the back of a bakkie. See the farm in all its untouched splendour. Learn about vineyards, spy some birds, and take in the lofty views. At the highest point, guests are treated to a picnic in the vines.

The Small Things

For each and every wine the grapes are hand-harvested, and then carefully crushed in a vintage basket press.