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FireFruit, The African Dragon Fruit

One of our most recent happiest discoveries has been FireFruit, dragon fruit grown in Robertson by local farmer Louw de Wet. We use his beautiful produce in a number of ways. A superfood it is packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

The story so far...

"I was looking into alternatives as to what we could produce at our farm," says Louw de Wet. "I came across a picture of a sliced open dragon fruit and something just stuck with me. Life went on but this seed was already planted and slowly it started to germinate in my life...

"I kept thinking what I could call it in South Africa. I asked my wife that question one day and she replied: "Wat van VuurVrug?". As she had said it, I knew this was the name: FireFruit!

"I got only a few small plant cuttings in January of 2016 and started growing them in my backyard. I did not know at the time even if it was possible to produce fruit in our area so it was rather a leap of faith. I developed a massive passion for the superfood and when it got to a point where I needed to start looking for people and places I could sell my produce to I thought of The Robertson Small Hotel. I gathered up some courage and went out of my comfort zone and drove to The Small with a sample basket. This was the day that I met the loveliest lady, June Bouwer, the General Manager and heart of The Small.
She was so welcoming and accepting of what I had brought to the table. The Small became my first official client. For this I will forever be grateful. I greatly value the fact that The Small looks to support local so much. This is what The Small does: they improve their immediate environment and make it better."