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The Small Guide: De Wetshof Estate

De Wetshof has the honour of being the first ever registered wine estate in the Robertson Wine Valley. Famed for their Chardonnay the De Wetshof family is a third generation wine estate, though their winemaking history stretches back a lot further, and can be traced to 1694 when the de Wets first landed at the Cape. These days, cellarmaster Danie de Wet works side-by-side with his sons; Johann (viticulture and marketing) and Peter (winemaker).

At De Wetshof, Chardonnay sits squarely in the limelight. The arrival here is dramatic, a fountain punctuates the foreground, and, also sitting squarely, is the building that houses the tasting room. Interestingly, this grand edifice is a replica of the Koopmans/De Wet House in Strand Street, Cape Town from 1791. But, before you head in for a wine-tasting go on a tour the grounds and cellar: all angular white buildings and rippling vineyards. Once inside the plush interior of the tasting room you’ll be guided through a Chardonnay showcase, beginning with Cap Classique.

The Small Things

In a tale of vinous subterfuge; De Wetshof was the first estate in Robertson to plant Chardonnay—from rootstock they smuggled in from Germany.

Don’t forget To Try

The De Wetshof 'The Site' Chardonnay. This Chardonnay is everything this estate is about—sealed into a bottle.