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The Small Guide: Sumsaré Family Wines

Welcome to the Wild West. Descend into a desolate valley surrounded by an amphitheatre of mountains, where vineyards are cultivated in rich Karoo soils. The farm dates back to 1810, and its vivid history is all around: from the ancient soils from which they still tend their vines, to the historic buildings filling with antiques and family keepsakes.

The Small Experience

Journey into the ‘Agterkliphoogte’; a place of contrasts where lush vineyards and Karoo scrub line up side-by-side. Here you’ll meet Johannes Erasmus, a seventh generation custodian of the farm. Johannes will take you on a tour of the tasting room and distillery, which dates back to 1830 (the handmade clay bricks and the poplar beams across the roof are all original). Then join Johannes at the rough-hewn counter for a tasting of both the spirits—mampoer, witblitz and brandy—and the wines.