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The Small Guide: Lord's Winery

Lord's Winery is seamless with the Klein Karoo landscape it’s etched upon. An earthen brown building blends into the rocky terrain all around it. There are distant mountains, fields of sprouting green vegetables, and somewhere in between, hardy vineyards. It’s a place that inspires thirst. Luckily, inside the tasting room you’ll be greeted with glasses of Cap Classique, which you’ll take along on a cellar tour. Then, it’s time to soak it all in. Settle at a table on the front lawn, taking in those stupendous views, and tuck into a farmer’s spread of bread, charcuterie, cheese and olives. Be warned, it’s a very hard place to leave.

Lord's Winery

An unusual setting for a wine estate, Lord's Winery pulls you in like a golden dream. Set in the dusty heart of McGregor, the land suddenly rises, and the ensuing altitude brings with it a contrasting lushness. It’s a good place to make wine. It’s a good place to sit and stay awhile.

The Small Things

You may have guessed this one. The winery is named after proprietor Jacie Oosthuizen’s love of cricket. The name pays homage to the game’s birthplace, Lord's Cricket Ground.