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Summer dining at The Small Restaurant

We catch up with Chef Chris Erasmus to find out what's cooking this summer in The Small Restaurant.

What are you excited about ingredient wise this summer?

Tomatoes! It is the best season I’ve seen in years and our plants at The Small are also looking and producing great.

What are you foraging at the moment?

In Robertson it is mostly wild fennel seeds, soutslaai and purslane from the garden.

Tell us about the kitchen garden?

The kitchen garden has a few HUGE tomato plants producing some beautiful oxheart tomatoes. We have lots of edible flowers, spinach, basil, mint, lemon balm and rosemary; the fresh herbs are amazing.

What are some dishes our guest can look forward to on the summer menu?

Summer garden tomato salad, pickled home grown basil vinaigrette, parmesan mousse and tomato leaves.

Who in your team is standing out at the moment?

Being short staffed in management in the front Wally has really stepped up and stolen the show. He has shown leadership and hard work!

Summer dining should be...

...from the surrounding gardens, fresh, healthy and delicious!